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YouTubeVanced Download

You can download the YouTube VancedApk from the Google sites. You have no doubt install the appropriate APK file for your device from the Non-Root Downloads page, install it regularly and install it additionally in the download links with the MicroG package is required to be allowed to log in to the Google account.

There is an extraordinary issue which was precisely arranged for Magisk to function. Those who have been interested in this package should therefore download and install the YouTube VancedMagisk module via Magisk repo.

For rooted devices, you must download recommended files and flash files. Keep in mind that you need TWRP on your device that is rooted before using a Vanced YouTube installer. You have to Be careful!

You have to follow there following steps to download and install the You Tube Vanced to your rooted, non-rooted phone.


  • Go to the Official “root” installer download page
  • Select the correct version and second topic you need to install for your Vanced APK smartphone.
  • Move APK downloads to /sdcard / Download, or to zip.
  • Dismantle all YouTube updates and deactivate Play Store auto-updates.
  • Then, turn on TWRP installer.


  • If you want to connect to your current YouTube account, install MicroG APK on your Android.
  • Go to the Download page, and then download YouTube Vanced APK.
  • After that, you can install the APK.

If you wish to download and install the youtube vanced via Magisk, then you have to follow the steps mentioned in down below.

  • The first, easiest way to install the application is through magisk repo.
  • The second method is “Setup via magisk.plz” or to activate root installation magisk>
  • The final way is to use the Magisk module in the download section.

You must uninstall YouTube updates and disable auto-update features on the Play Store to download YouTube Vanced from your Android smartphone or tablet device. The latest update for the YouTube App overwrites Vanced’s system files so that you won’t see it, even if the installation is successful.